Donald Rubinstein launching into it

What a great evening it was, at Destiny Allison Fine Art. We launched our first Artist Talk in the “Art in the 21st Century” series, a monthly event at DAFA. Destiny opened the evening with a short intro about the series’ purpose, which is to stimulate thinking and conversation about art, as well as to make that conversation user-friendly to a broader audience. (In other words, this conversation needs to spread beyond the confines of long-established artists and galleries.) Donald Rubinstein then stepped in to deliver his talk, “Art is a Crime”. Donald, a renown musician/composer as well as visual artist, took off from the idea of having to break a few rules, even the ones you make for yourself, to keep that creative channel clear and operating. A dynamic Q&A dialogue followed, and we all left feeling jazzed.

(From one of our guests last night) “I just want to tell you how much I enjoyed last night’s presentation by Donald. What a fascinating and talented individual he is. I have had a love/hate relationship with art for many years. Your opening comments about the reviewer who only validated art that mystified her underscored something I have felt about the art scene in Santa Fe. It often feels to me like a private club, with only the cognoscenti allowed admission. Thank you for making the experiencing of art more accessible to the public.” – Marcel

On August 18th at 7 pm, Donald will hold a follow-up to his talk with a music performance in the La Tienda Exhibit Space, surrounded by the art work of his one-man show, “Transfer of Innocence”.

This is just the beginning. The first Thursday of each month will now feature a guest speaker involved in the arts. And on the third Thursday of each month there will be a smaller salon setting, held to further the conversation opened by that speaker’s presentation. Please refer to our posted schedules for upcoming events.  And if you were at our Artist Talk last evening, let us know what you think!

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