Runner Up

Destiny's sketch of a life size metal sculpture for the Los Alamos Justice Center competition

Yesterday, Destiny made her final presentation to the Los Alamos County Art in Public Places board for her proposal for the Justice Center sculpture.  In the end, the board decided to award the commission to Troy Williams.  Destiny was a close runner up.  It was an interesting process and nice to see a public art board make a decision that made sense.  Though Destiny hates to admit it, the board made the right choice for the project.

Troy’s concept was good and he taught Destiny a lot.  He remembered to include the community in his concept.  Instead of a juror’s box, Troy suggested that the base of the sculpture be an elongated scale — the ends of which could be used as benches for the public.  His design was simpler.  It will require less maintenance because his coloring is just natural rust.  In addition, he will be using actual members of the Los Alamos community as models for his jurors.  He won the competition fair and square and Destiny learned that art in public places is as much about the art as it is about the public who will interact with it.  Congratulations to Troy and thanks for the lesson.  Destiny will know better next time.

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