Art and Nature

Abiqui at Sunset -- photo courtesy of Clay Allison

"In the Rain" Steel Painting by Destiny Allison

Since Destiny has been out of commission with an injured back, she’s been thinking too much.  This is not necessarily a good thing!  Recently, she asked staff at the gallery whether or not one needs art if one is constantly surrounded by nature.  Its an interesting question and one an artist should probably not be asking but we wanted to put it out there.  Some thoughts on the question are as follows:

— Because nature is always changing, it does not give rise to the same level of contemplation as a good work of art does.  Fine art gives us the ability to come back to it again and again from different places in our own lives and that gives us the opportunity to discover more about ourselves — Steve

— When we are immersed in nature all the time, we crave it.  The same may be true for art.  If we are always surrounded by nature, it would make sense that we would then crave art and other things nature does not provide — Steve

— Art is that which nature, by itself, can not make — Destiny

What are your thoughts?  We would love to hear them.

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