About the Gallery

Destiny Allison’s creative spirit is a restless and curious one, ever exploring the  innards of her mind in search of the means for its expression. The path is never clear cut, especially when the path itself is laid as a question. Destiny knows how soul-satisfying and rewarding intelligent risk-taking can feel, with art as well as with the business of art. One of Santa Fe’s more accomplished sculptors, her elegant award-winning steel works have been placed in public and private environs throughout the country. Demand for Destiny’s art work has remained high, even in these economically interesting times.

Yet for Destiny this has been no time to rest upon the security of her success.  During the last eighteen months, while her studio has been fertile grounds for her new work’s direction, Destiny and her two partners have been defying the odds, turning a foreclosed, forlorn Eldorado business complex into the dynamic gathering place that is La Tienda. In very short order a large non-profit exhibit space and performance space are now in full operation, surrounded by new eating and imbibing establishments, and a variety of shops and businesses.  As with Destiny’s process in art, La Tienda has evolved into something much larger and richer than its initial conception. A vibrant creative community is taking on a life of its own, and is steadily drawing in visual artists, writers, and musicians, as well as many others who are feeling the quickened pulse of the place.

The latest to open its doors for business at La Tienda is “Destiny Allison Fine Art”, a light-filled new breathing space for this artist’s most recent explorations with steel. As Destiny helped fill La Tienda’s vacant spaces with others’  ventures, it struck her that she too had a moment to seize, an exciting chance to take. Her new work seemed to be calling out for a place of its own.  Soon enough that place has come together.

Destiny has had a long and enriching relationship with Santa Fe’s Winterowd Fine Art Gallery and owner/director Karla Winterowd. Within its low-ceilinged and softly lit interior, Winterowd Gallery will continue to provide an ideal grounding for Allison’s signature sculptures, which are visually poetic responses to the universally human questions Destiny poses to herself at the outset of a sculpture’s creation.

The newest work, paintings on steel, reflects another approach, another human understanding. It has to do with letting go, and the serenity experienced by doing so. Consumed by the task of getting La Tienda up and running, the partners have been plowing through the gauntlet set before them. Legalities, endless meetings, public relations, the organizational strategizing of it all, have stretched minds and emotions to new limits.

For Destiny, that inner workout led to recognition of when to yield and let process run its own course, which inevitably translated into her art. Her paintings on steel, achieved by a complexity of patinas, epoxy, acrylics, sanding and varnish, are editative vehicles, expressing quieted, ineffable settings. They have a mesmeric quality, and tend to draw you the viewer into your own interior landscape, a territory that stretches endlessly.

“Destiny Allison Fine Art”, a reposed, airy place, allows these paintings to breathe and expand, apt words for their very nature and purpose. Its high ceilings, white walls and a spacious environment provide the ideal setting for the work. The gallery also houses a selection of Destiny’s sculpture. Both Winterowd and Destiny understand that an important bridge between these two directions in Allison’s work is desirous and beneficial for the artist as well as the art lover. With that in mind, the two galleries will be operating in synch to offer collectors a widened, more enhanced view of this artist’s capabilities and use of visual language.

But language won’t be restricted to the visual. Destiny Allison Fine Art will hold monthly salons to further enhance and build creative community and intellectual pursuits. In addition there will be quarterly guest artist shows.

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