Attainable Art Program

We feel very strongly that people who love art should be able to own original work regardless of their income level.  Consequently, we are establishing a program for Santa Fe and Eldorado residents that will allow them to purchase original works from several different area artists through a monthly payment plan.

If you live in our area, you can purchase any artwork under $2500 and we will bill your credit card monthly over the course of a year.  The best part is that you can take the work home with you as soon as you make the first payment.  Unlike most payment plans, the work you purchase will increase in value instead of depreciate!

If you are purchasing an $1800 piece, your monthly payments will be $150/month.  If it is a $1200 piece, the payments will be $100/month.  Basically, payments are the cost of the work divided by 12.

Participating artists include:

Destiny Allison

Jacqueline Mallegni

Braldt Bralds

Margaret Bralds

Dean Howell

Joe Mayer

Donald Rubinstein

John Stevens

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