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Paper | Stone | Wood – Sculpture by Jacqueline Mallegni

"Full-Moon-Boat" wood, paper, encaustic

The gallery is pleased to welcome guest artist, Jacqueline Mallegni.

Jacqueline is an award-winning artist whose sculptures embody balance and simplicity, minimalism and beauty. Sculpture reminiscent of boat and suspended cocoon forms constructed from Japanese-style handmade paper along with natural materials such as tamarisk, rattan, olive woods and alabaster evoke calm and introspection.

Her decades-long immersion into the philosophies of simplicity, humility and the appreciation of non-permanence found in nature have guided her toward a deeper relationship with the materials used in her art work. “Working with natural materials opens my eyes to a way of seeing the world around me, affirms my intuition and belief that it is possible to integrate art as a way of being and
encourages my development of focus and intent, infusing it with subtlety and fluidity.”
Paper | Stone | Wood will be exhibited from November 5 through December 3 with an opening reception on Saturday, November 5 from 4-7 pm.

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California Trip

The weekend trip to California to install 5 pieces of Destiny’s art was a whirlwind.  Beautiful country, beautiful homes, great people and just a little bit of exhaustion after 17 hours driving out and flying back yesterday morning.  Here are some photos:

Along the highway


Steel wall sculptures grace the front door


Destiny's finance, Steve, is still smiling even after doing all the lifting to spare Destiny's bad back


Zen... The steel painting above the Buddha makes a space for quiet contemplation.


Installing the art and watching the game. Casual and fun.

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Runner Up

Destiny's sketch of a life size metal sculpture for the Los Alamos Justice Center competition

Yesterday, Destiny made her final presentation to the Los Alamos County Art in Public Places board for her proposal for the Justice Center sculpture.  In the end, the board decided to award the commission to Troy Williams.  Destiny was a close runner up.  It was an interesting process and nice to see a public art board make a decision that made sense.  Though Destiny hates to admit it, the board made the right choice for the project.

Troy’s concept was good and he taught Destiny a lot.  He remembered to include the community in his concept.  Instead of a juror’s box, Troy suggested that the base of the sculpture be an elongated scale — the ends of which could be used as benches for the public.  His design was simpler.  It will require less maintenance because his coloring is just natural rust.  In addition, he will be using actual members of the Los Alamos community as models for his jurors.  He won the competition fair and square and Destiny learned that art in public places is as much about the art as it is about the public who will interact with it.  Congratulations to Troy and thanks for the lesson.  Destiny will know better next time.

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Judy’s work looks amazing in the Gallery

The opening for Judy Poldi’s show, “Woven” was crazy.  Because of the benefit at La Tienda, there were people through the gallery all day and we were very tired at the end of it.  We’re so happy to have Judy’s work here.  It is bold and dynamic and creates a wonderful environment for contemplation.  Destiny’s quiet, introspective steel art is perfectly complimented by Judy’s abstract paintings and the art works are remarkably powerful in conjunction with each other.  This show is truly fine art.

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Opening Reception for “Woven” August 27 from 4 – 7 pm

Painting by Judy Poldi

Destiny Allison Fine Art welcomes guest artist, Judy Poldi.  The opening reception for her show, “Woven” will be on August 27 from 4 – 7 pm.   We’re excited to have Judy’s work in the gallery.  The dialog between her abstract paintings and Destiny’s steel paintings will be fascinating and dynamic.  We hope you can join us for this event. For more information about Judy and her work, click here.

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Donald Rubinstein launching into it

What a great evening it was, at Destiny Allison Fine Art. We launched our first Artist Talk in the “Art in the 21st Century” series, a monthly event at DAFA. Destiny opened the evening with a short intro about the series’ purpose, which is to stimulate thinking and conversation about art, as well as to make that conversation user-friendly to a broader audience. (In other words, this conversation needs to spread beyond the confines of long-established artists and galleries.) Donald Rubinstein then stepped in to deliver his talk, “Art is a Crime”. Donald, a renown musician/composer as well as visual artist, took off from the idea of having to break a few rules, even the ones you make for yourself, to keep that creative channel clear and operating. A dynamic Q&A dialogue followed, and we all left feeling jazzed.

(From one of our guests last night) “I just want to tell you how much I enjoyed last night’s presentation by Donald. What a fascinating and talented individual he is. I have had a love/hate relationship with art for many years. Your opening comments about the reviewer who only validated art that mystified her underscored something I have felt about the art scene in Santa Fe. It often feels to me like a private club, with only the cognoscenti allowed admission. Thank you for making the experiencing of art more accessible to the public.” – Marcel

On August 18th at 7 pm, Donald will hold a follow-up to his talk with a music performance in the La Tienda Exhibit Space, surrounded by the art work of his one-man show, “Transfer of Innocence”.

This is just the beginning. The first Thursday of each month will now feature a guest speaker involved in the arts. And on the third Thursday of each month there will be a smaller salon setting, held to further the conversation opened by that speaker’s presentation. Please refer to our posted schedules for upcoming events.  And if you were at our Artist Talk last evening, let us know what you think!

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Art is a Crime

To live outside the law, you must be honest -- Bob Dylan

For me, art is not a crime. It's a deep adventure of spiritual devotion.  Any pursuit of this nature will live by its own set of rules, both discovered and broken -- Donald Rubinstein 

Join us Thursday, August 4 at 6 pm for Donald Rubinstein’s presentation, “Art is a Crime.”  Seating is limited.  Please call the gallery at 428-0024 to reserve a seat.  This event is free.

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It’s getting good over there across the hall from Destiny Allison Fine Art at the La Tienda Exhibit Space. A very large white empty space is filling in with the slightly whimsical, somewhat edgy-humored, and thoroughly engaging stuff of Donald Rubinstein’s imagination. At the moment he’s happily in synch with that imagination as he hangs his one-man show “Transfer of Innocence” for tomorrow’s opening. The music coming from his computer is keeping the space, the placement of the art, and Donald himself enlivened as things click into place. Rubinstein’s honing as a musician/composer folds naturally into his visual art work, giving this show a jazzed, enlivened feeling. If you’re in the area, come experience this Santa Fe-based artist’s enjoyable, benignly provocative commentary on our human ways. There will be laughter.

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Seeding an Artists Collective

Installation by artist, Thom Ross at La Tienda

Sculptures by artist Dean Howell -- part of the La Tienda Art Walk

Dance performance at Santa Fe Performance Exchange

Opening at the La Tienda Exhibit Space

Over the last couple of months, artists have been creeping out of their solitary worlds and gathering in small groups at La Tienda.  Writers, musicians, visual artists, dancers, architects, metal artists, sculptors and film makers are on the patio at SFBC taphouse, quietly touring the galleries and the Exhibit Space, and sharing (most often) bad jokes, long winded stories, studio frustrations and recent accolades.

This fledgling collective is an organic thing growing from both the physical location of the center and from the focus on art provided by all the different art initiatives that occur here on a regular basis.  Conversations on the merit of artists like Damien Hirst and Bruce Nauman, the relevance of the avant garde, and the business of art pepper the more mundane exchanges while they enrich the afternoons and early evenings.

Some of the art initiatives are formal  and include performances at Santa Fe Performance Exchange, openings at the La Tienda Exhibit Space and DAFA, Monthly Mind Excursions at Eclectics Art Gallery and the quarterly art walk.  Others are informal and spontaneous.

Though Santa Fe has long been home to artists and intellectuals, most artist groups in the city center around exposure and critique. What’s happening at La Tienda is different.  Its not particularly hip or edgy.  Most of the artists look like normal people.  But on any given day, there is a richness and spice to a community that celebrates, commisserates, and invigorates the solitary journey of those brave enough to call themselves artists.

As part of this dynamic, DAFA will begin hosting a free monthly artist talk and a monthly salon discussion.  The first Salon Presentation is on August 4 at 6 pm.  Click here to find out more.

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