Salon Schedule

November 3 at 6 pm

Transitional Space in the Creative Process

Presented by Nancy Reyner

Both Space and Transition are vital words for art and artists. As a painter, my work is presented in a two dimensional format of paint on canvas. Engaging a viewer by moving an image from the flat format into the experience of three dimensions is my greatest challenge. In my opinion, powerful painting expresses this experience of space, along with the potential to move the viewer’s experience from the mundane to divine. Painting then, creates the space to transition the viewer’s experience.

Space as it relates to art, can be seen metaphorically and literally; and plays an important role in art-making. From the architecture of my studio space to the objects and images positioned in my periphery, these all affect the work itself often emerging into the image like shadows. A certain mental space is required too, as I paint from both sides of my brain, alternating left- and right-brain modes with a constant flow. Space is needed to transition from everyday thinking to the inner psychological space necessary for me to do my work.

Nancy Reyner, is an abstract painter, art educator and author. Beyond her first love of painting, her passion is to inspire other artists, and to “raise the bar” of art world aesthetics. She spends time teaching and mentoring, encouraging the courageous use of materials and artistic expression. During the past 20 years she has hosted many artist groups, authored two painting technique books (Acrylic Revolution, and Acrylic Innovation) and an instructional DVD, while teaching workshops across the country. She continues to share information, much of it free and public, about the creative process, materials and techniques, as well as career opportunities and business strategies. She accomplishes this through lectures, internet broadcasts, and her blog articles.

Nancy Reyner is a painter of more than 30 years experience. She received a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design, MFA from Columbia University, and currently lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Nancy’s paintings have been exhibited in the 2007 Florence Biennale. Nancy was a featured artist on Home & Garden’s TV show That’s Clever.

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